Application Development

Cyber Group Technologies prides itself on offering services that will make your company more efficient and profitable. We understand that different companies have different needs. As your needs grow, Cyber Group Technologies can meet them by providing cutting edge technology and services to take your company to the next level.

Mulesoft Development & Support

CyberGroup offers MuleSoft development services & Support 24/. Provide below Integrations
* Web Enterprise Aplication to Mulesoft
* Web Content Management systems Ex: Sitecore to Mulesoft
* CRM Application <=> MuleSoft

Mobile Development

Mobile App Development has taken the software development world by storm, maybe even the whole world in general. Mobile Applications are growing at an exponential rate and its very amazing to be part of such growth. We say that because our team has been able to thrive in every area of mobile app development.

Integration & Migration

Businesses need to keep up with the new trends and that means upgrading their existing IT application ecosystem. Cybergroup’s Integration and Migration services help customers re-engineering their applications and migrate from older platforms to new ones easily.

Data warehouse

Maintenance of Data warehouse Data warehouse is the root of an entire BI Environment. We retrieve and analyze data, to extract, transform and load data, and manage the dictionary data which are considered essential components of a data warehousing system. We do loading of analyzed data from various production servers to DW at different levels using Replications, ETL packages and Store Procedures.

Database Architecture

This is where Sensiple comes in! Our database team helps you maintain and support your database applications, round the clock. We hold expertise in providing high-performance database administration, monitoring, and maintenance. Our database supports a broad range of technologies including MS-SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Cassandra.

Cloud Computing

Cyber Group Technologies Cloud consulting and implementation offerings help enterprises take their next leap towards finding innovative ways to strategize and optimize their business services/operations, information access, application development and find new venues of market expansion opportunities.

Product development

many products are being developed in a SaaS (Software as a Service) Model. Cyber Group Technologies can help your business keep up with this trend by offering end-to-end product development services. However, we do more than just offer product development services

Big Data

Cyber Group Technologies just wants to enable your entire business to connect by integrating processes and data. By connecting with internet-enabled devices you’d be connecting to new business possibilities too and improving user experience. That’s kind of hard not to consider looking into.

CRM & ERP Systems

Our Enterprise Application Services can address: Automated Billing Systems, Payment Processing, Email Marketing Systems, CMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, HR Management and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) among others.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence solutions address complex business issues by providing knowledge users with easy access to the right information, at any time from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge users are able to invest more time analyzing information and less time gathering data.